Thursday, 21 July 2011

A Guest Post from HelloKitty

Firstly I want to thank Mel for letting me do something for the Celebration week “Thank you”.
I made this fan art on my favourite scene, its romantic and funny.
I absolutely love when James Strang says “what?” when he knew what Anne said “what does it mean?", just to get extra time to think of something without “blowing” his cover.

Haha I Love James Strang <3



Thank you, HelloKitty for your hard work in creating this post, and being such a dedicated fan of this blog and "The Abduction Club".  What a lovely piece of fan art! It is really beautiful and that quote is so sweet!
And some exicting news is that HelloKitty has also agreed to do some more posts- sometime in the future so look out for her contributions.


Miss Laurie said...

HelloKitty, this is so lovely! I love the quote and the photos you chose for this this fanart! Very nicely done! I look forward to hearing more from you!

~Miss Laurie :)

Hellokitty said...

Awww Thank you Miss Laurie, i enjoyed making it, though i think i should have made it a bit longer so their faces don't look as squashed. I was scared that no one wasn't going to like it. If you haven't already realized im in LOVE with Strang <3
and secretly wish i was Anne Kennedy.though personally i would have accepted his proposal ;] haha
Thanks again