Name: Garrett Byrne
Age: Early 20's

Known for: His gorgeous smile, charasmatic ways, dashing goodlooks and his ability to talk his way of of anything

Played by: Daniel Lapaine
Character overview:
Byrne is a younger son and will therefore inherit nothing, his wealthy older brother supplies him with a small allowance but wishes him to earn a living in the church. Byrne is determined to catch a wealthy wife to save him from a life of priesthood.
Byrne's conquest is the beautiful Miss Catharine Kennedy who stands to inherit, along with her sister Anne, the bulk of her fathers estate.
When his abduction goes wrong and finds himself on the run along with Catharine, he begins to fall in love with her, despite her not wanting anything to do with him.

Name: James Strang

Age: Early 20's

Known for: Being predictable, speaking Italian, tolerably handsome and funny

Played by: Matthew Rhys

Character Overiew:
Alike Byrne, Strang is also a younger son and will inherit nothing. Not much is known about his background but the nature of his friendship with Byrne suggests they have been friends for a long time. Strang assists Byrne during his abduction however he screws it up when he takes a fancy for Catharines younger sister, Miss Anne Kennedy and abducts her too. Strang falls quickly in love with Anne and despite Anne loving him too, finds it difficult to secure her as Mr Power, her betrothed is hot on his heels.

Name: Catharine Kennedy

Age: 20 (approx.)

Known for: being protective, sensible, beautiful, responsible and needing to marry 'someone whos means exceeds' her own

Played by: Alice Evans
Character Overview: 
Catharine is the sensible one in the family, she is very perceptive and knows everything about her family's 'real' situation. She immediately sees through Byrne, realising him to be the fortune hunter he is. She despises gambling because she has felt the consequences of her fathers losses and she can't stand the social/fortune climbing nature of young men due to a previous bad experience with a young man, despite needing to marry someone with a lot of money herself. Catharine falls in love with Byrne whilst they are on the run but cannot permit herself to marry him because she has lied to them all.

Name: Anne Kennedy

Age: 17

Known for: being fiesty, beautiful, Independant, spoilt, risk taker and having a free spirit

Played by: Sophia Myles

Character Overview:
Anne is a fiesty and independant young girl who is oblivious to the evil and impending doom surrounding her family and their situation. she is headstrong and foolish and this often gets her into trouble. She is abducted, to her delight, at the same time as her sister by Strang and falls in love with him during the course of the film. She believes Strang to be the most beautiful man she has ever met and confides to her sister that if she had know of her betrothal to Mr Power she would have ran away and married him.

Name: John Power

Age: Mid 40's

Known for: being a powerful, influencial gambler, who is the unwanted pursuer of Anne Kennedy.

Played by: Liam Cunningham

Character overview:
Mr Power is rich, successful and just as his name suggests- powerful. He made a fortune growing sugar in the West Indies and is said to have won  his first plantation in a card game. His gambling success also landed him with the ownership of all the property and money of Mr. Kennedy. Power's objective is to marry Kennedy's youngest daughter Anne, and when she is abducted he uses his influence, connection and force to do everything to bring her back.  


Name: Knox

Age: Mid 20's

Known for:  being the jealous third-wheel in the Byrne-Strang friendship.

Played by: Tom Murphy

Character overview:
Knox is a member of The Abduction Club and throughout the film appears to be quite jealous of Byrne and Strangs friendship. Knox likes to believe he is a ladies man and assures his friends in the club the only reason he didn't secure the girl they abducted on his behalf was because "She wasn't my type". However they all know better.
Not much is known of Knox's history but it can be infered that he has known and admired Byrne for a long time. Knox is both protective and possessive of Byrne, literally to the knife-point, which results in both the deterioration of their friendship and the destruction of his character.

Name: Lord Fermoy

Age: Mid 60's

Known for: being the Attorney General and a personal friend of Mr Power.

Played by: Edward Woodward

Character Overview:
Lord Fermoy is Attorney General and therefore has a lot of power especially within a court room. He is an extremely bitter and ruthless man due to his past experiences. Lord Fermoy sentences Byrne and Strang more harshly than they deserve because he believes it is a way to hurt/punish The Abduction Club and Sir Myles (the club's leader). The reason behind his anger towards The Abduction Club  and Sir Myles is revealed when he shares that the woman he once wished to marry was abducted by an Abduction Club, it is later found that that woman is indeed the wife of Sir Myles.